From Facebook

From Facebook

Gary Isett became something of a neighborhood figure when he bought the original Kip’s Big Boy mascot and displayed it on the corner of Abrams and Trammel. Even though it wasn’t long before the City of Dallas told him he had to remove the statue because it was a driving hazard, we all know Kip’s Big Boy is still there, even if he’s not on display along the street corner.

And now, apparently, he has a new little friend.

Isett posted the attached photo on the Lakewood, Dallas Facebook page earlier this week with this caption: “Do not, I repeat, do not eBay while intoxicated!”

Except, actually, yes. Please do, if you’re Gary Isett and drunken eBaying includes purchasing a smaller, complementary Kip’s Big Boy statue. At Advocate we practice and encourage responsible eBaying, but we give this half-baked decision a thumbs up. We raise our hamburgers to you, Isett.

(Not sure what all the fuss is about? Read the story our columnist Patti Vinson wrote about Isett and his penchant for purchasing wacky yard art.)

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