City nixes Kip’s Big Boy statue on Abrams

Gary Isett's statue is still smiling, but he's in the backyard now.
Gary Isett’s statue is still smiling, but he’s in the backyard now.

As the publicity mounted for the Kip’s Big Boy statue installation on Abrams Road after our initial story (TV, radio and the DMN all ran stories), I had a feeling it would be a matter of time before statue and property owner Gary Isett found himself talking with a City of Dallas code inspector.

Sure enough, that happened earlier this week; thanks to a couple of possible code violations associated with the installation, the Big Boy voluntarily vacated his spot at Abrams and Trammel.

The biggest problem seemed to be potential traffic hazards, Isett says.

“The city was just like, it’s a nuisance, people are slowing down, taking pictures. And they were — I had like 400 people stop and take pictures. I can see what they meant: It was an eye-stopper.”

Keeping the Big Boy in place wasn’t worth fighting City Hall, Isett says, so he took down the statue, the podium and the lighting. All that remains on the corner is a large star formed from rocks.

As for Big Boy, his new home is Isett’s backyard.

“You can still see him from the street,” Isett says.

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  • Kimmie

    This was my family’s restaurant …. I’m trying to find out more about it as an adult now.

  • I drove by Big Boy every day and and he made me smile..nice start to the day. Stupid rules. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • i thought it was cruel, anyway. without the burgers, and all.

  • howlingwolf

    There is a huge pink bunny in my neighbor’s yard at Easter time and all kinds of crap in people’s yards at Halloween and Christmas and it distracts me – I think that we should make a code to ban all those things. I hate to see neat and original stuff on the side of the road and take notice of them. It really messes up my day.

  • Michael Mosteller

    Just going to run this bit into the ground, aren’t you?

    So good of Code Enforcement to make sure to take care of this matter and not the myriad of other issues that really need addressing by them.

  • Wilson!

    It’s because Kip’s was a restaurant chain, isn’t it?

  • Harrumph. Maybe we should make a plinth for him at Woodrow. He has made many appearances there on Senior Day.

  • Norman Alston

    I work with codes and zoning all the time and I do not know of any provisions against something being too interesting from the street. Hmmmmmmmm……

  • I hear the same thing happens near the Eiffel Tower. I suppose it should be taken down as well…

  • Its time for statue equality

  • Fun is forbidden.