GAPCo’s latest pizza of the month comes in collaboration with Café Momentum | Image courtesy of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

Known for pumping up the pie game, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company’s newest innovation is helping give back to the community. GAPCo has teamed up with Café Momentum to help a group of young interns to transition to life outside of juvenile facilities. 

Café Momentum offers a paid 12-month internship teaching culinary and social skills to young men and women exiting juvenile detention centers. Earlier this year, GAPCo helped teach Café Momentum’s interns to cook gourmet pizzas. The interns competed to have their pizza featured as GAPCo’s pizza of the month. The pizzas were presented to a panel of judges; Sammy Mandell, owner of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company, Chad Houser, founder and executive chef of Café Momentum, and John Mercer, sous chef of Café Momentum.


“We’ve long admired the work that Chad and his team are doing at Café Momentum, so we were excited and honored to have the opportunity to get involved,” said Mandell in a statement. “We met so many talented young men and women and tasted a lot of great pizzas. I have no doubt that many of the interns will go on to do great things, both in restaurant kitchens and in life.”

The winning pizza is made with a garlic butter-brushed crust topped with sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon and jalapeño. It is drizzled off with a hot buffalo sauce and is dusted with red pepper and GAPCo’s signature pizza crack. launches on October 26 and will be available through the end of November at a price of $24 for a large and $19 for a small. 

On launch day, 20% of proceeds from the sale of all Café Momentum Pizzas will go toward supporting the organization, with 15% going to Café Momentum for the remainder of the availability period.

“Sammy and his team support the Dallas community in so many ways,” said Houser in a statement, “so it was a natural fit for Café Momentum to partner with GAPCo on this initiative. I’m proud of our interns, and I hope that our featured pizza will help spread the message about our program. For those who haven’t yet experienced Café Momentum, we invite you all in to eat a great meal and see what we’re doing to help these remarkable kids reach their full potential.”

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company is located at 1923 Greenville Ave., Dallas  and 1145 Peavy Road., Fort Worth.