If the DISD trustees vote to elect officers at Thursday’s meeting, there’s a chance board president Jack Lowe could be replaced. Trustee Edwin Flores told me this morning that he wouldn’t mind being school board president, a rumor that was first floated by Allen Gwinn on Dallas.org. 

“If my fellow trustees think I’m worthy for the job versus someone else, then I’m willing to do it, and not everyone is willing to do it,” he told me. “I’ve got some support, but I don’t know if I have the five votes needed to become president.”

Flores also pointed out that were he to become president, it’d be the first time a Hispanic has held that position in about 15 years—and the district’s student body is almost 70 percent Hispanic. His term, however, would only last a few months. The board will have to elect a president again in November when the trustee elections happen.

No official word yet on if Flores will run for reelection in November, but it sounds likely.

“I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from folks saying they want me to stay on the board, which I appreciate, and I am certainly leaning that way.”



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