Call me a huge fan of Fair Park and the State Fair of Texas — and this from someone who isn’t much interested in that sort of thing. After having spent much of the past two weeks at the fair, I’m even more flabbergasted than usual about why the city’s business and political elite treats Fair Park so shabbily, as if they are embarrassed by it.

You can read another whiny, snotty defense of the Belo Parkway in Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper this morning, or you can ponder this: Why do we pay so little attention to Fair Park — unless there’s a crisis like Texas and Oklahoma threatening to move their football game? (By the way, it was refreshing to hear a city official say the city was going to spend the park bond money on something they are legally required to spend the bond money on — the park — regardless of whether the toll road is built.)

I saw families at the Fair. I saw middle-class white people from the suburbs. I saw young women with short dresses and cowboy boots. I saw young men with the young women (is the term for them chads?). In short, I saw the exact same people that show up at Victory Park, which is supposed to be the future of Dallas real estate development. I don’t know: Maybe the people who sign the checks around here just don’t like corny dogs.

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