Chuck Connor of White Rock Skate Center, Advocate stock photo

Chuck Connor of White Rock Skate Center (photo by Danny Fulgencio)

The roller rink that has served Lake Highlands and White Rock area families since the 70s —employed untold droves of high schoolers from Lake Highlands, Bryan Adams and Woodrow Wilson and basically been the stuff of legend around here — will close “one month from today,” confirms manager Robert Goewey by phone.

Yes, Lord of the Rink Chuck Connor’s multi-generational reign will end.

Because the rink is booked with parties through January, Goewey says, they will be working hard to best to fulfill all commitments rather than holding any sort of big sendoff.

He indicates the closing was not long-planned; Connor and Goewey have agreed to meet Wednesday afternoon to share the whole story with the Advocate.

While you cry, here’s a video our photo editor Danny Fulgencio made a few years ago.

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