Screenshot of Caviar Dallas

Screenshot of Caviar Dallas

Don’t you hate when you’re craving your favorite food from East Dallas restaurants but you’re too lazy — or hey, maybe you’re too busy. I’m not judging — to put on some real pants, get in your car and go get it?

Personally the whole dining out experience is roughly 90 percent of the fun of eating restaurant food in my humble opinion, but for the days when you want to tip someone to eat restaurant food in the comfort of your own sweat pants (AKA all those times when you think “I should order some pizza”), then you should know that a new delivery service, Caviar, began servicing the Dallas area last month.

Caviar, which also serves 16 other markets in the United States, allows users to order food from a menu of almost 30 Dallas restaurants online or via its free mobile app. There are several East Dallas restaurants on the list, including HG Sply Co., Cane Rosso, Garden Cafe, Hypnotic Donuts and Mot Hai Ba.

But the beauty of it, of course, is that it makes all restaurants East Dallas accessible, because it delivers it right to your home OR your office, for those of you who want to tip someone to eat restaurant food under the stale fluorescent lighting of your office cubical.

Check out the website for more.

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