When Lisa and Scott Schorfheide bought their 1952 home, the two-bedroom, one-bath gem was a solid find. It just needed some updates.

Topping the renovation list was a re-do of the original HVAC system. Scott says they interviewed several vendors for the job. 

After receiving additional quotes, the Schorfheides chose neighborhood provider Dual Temp.


“Other vendors ran diagnostics, but then Kyle with Dual Temp came by. He didn’t give his personal opinion, he showed why what he said was true. Dual Temp could have billed us for all kinds of parts we were told we needed, but in fact did not. Honesty is a large part of why we chose Dual Temp. They’ve done a good job for us,” Scott says.

When it comes to knowing how to evaluate, repair and, if needed, install new heating and air-conditioning systems in neighborhood homes, not many vendors have as much knowledge as Dual Temp.

Dual Temp treats each job individually and works to be cost-effective.

Scott and Lisa were advised to use a two-stage cooling system for high efficiency and personal comfort in the house. High-quality air filtration was used as well to help keep the house clean. 

“This enhanced system is quiet; it runs at half power except when the demand is really high to maintain efficiency. Dual Temp considered technical factors to determine correct tonnage size for our home,” Scott says.

An oversized unit leaves too much moisture in the air, increasing potential for mold, bacteria and pollutants; undersized gets overworked. Dual Temp computed that sweet spot.

Dual Temp explained the value of additional return-air vents for proper air flow. The company added duct work to upgrade from the original installation. Scott likes the smart thermostat Dual Temp included; it allows unit access via his smart phone from anywhere.

Scott says Dual Temp even explained how to get maximum benefit from the unit’s warranty by being current with service records and homeowner maintenance. 

Dual Temp also understands other trades, Scott says, and can recommend reputable neighborhood vendors it’s already vetted. 

When ready for a review of your heating and air-conditioning system, contact Dual Temp for an evaluation at 214.850.7000.

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