Photo courtesy of Ellen’s via Facebook.

At the end of the December, we looked back at all the restaurants that had opened and shuttered in our neighborhood in 2021.

But for a couple places, we haven’t provided closure.

Those would be Ellen’s, an all-day breakfast place planned to open at Casa Linda Plaza, and Lubellas Patisserie, which is supposed to open at Casa View Shopping Center.

Ellen’s first. We learned in April that the building at Casa Linda that was initially expected to be a Snooze (1152 N. Buckner Blvd.) would actually be an Ellen’s. There’s currently one Downtown, serving dishes like pancake pot pie, meatloaf and chicken and dumplings.

It was scheduled to open by the end of summer. It did not.

We spoke with Andy Anderson of Restaurant Properties Group earlier this week, and he gave us an update on what’s happening. They are still waiting on building permits from the City of Dallas to finish out the restaurant, which is currently in shell condition.

Once the needed permits are approved, Anderson said the work could be completed in about 120 days.

Photo courtesy of Lubellas Patisserie via Instagram.

News about Lubellas Patisserie came out in August.

The bakery is owned by pastry chef Maria Becerra, who used to work at Buillon and Flora St. Cafe, and her husband, chef Ismael Trejo Gonzalez. Becerra had been making custom cakes and desserts for events since the pandemic started but wanted to open a storefront.

Named after Becerra’s daughters, Luciana and Isabella, the bakery was planned to open in the fall, before the holidays, at 10323 Ferguson Road.

We asked Lubellas for an update, and they told us they are meeting with a contractor soon to discuss the construction progress. Since it’s an old building they’re moving into, there was a lot that needed to be replaced. But they hope to be able to open by the end of February.

We’ll provide updates on these two businesses when we can.