Admittedly, we receive our share of requests from city council people here at Back Talk and the Advocate (no one has been offering us any concert tickets, though). But I have to admit this is the first time a council rep has asked us to help locate the owners of a lost pet. But this just came in from Angela Hunt…

"I’ve got a bunny on my hands that needs to get back to its owners. My husband and I were driving home around 9:30 p.m. last night (Wednesday) when I saw a white bunny dart across the street and hide under a parked car (at the corner of Mercedes at Laneri). We nabbed him and took him home (apparently rabbits like Cheerios — the closest thing to rabbit food we had). We suspect he escaped from his family and are sure they are looking for him. They can shoot me an email at"

So if you’ve lost a white bunny that likes Cheerios around Mercedes and Laneri, you know who to call to get your bunny back. (Editor’s Note: The pictured bunny isn’t the actual bunny in question, but we couldn’t open the photo Angela sent us, and what bunny post would be complete without a bunny picture?)

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