Stonelake Capital Partners, the Austin-based company that owns the shopping center on the northeast corner of Skillman and Oram, is appealing the City Plan Commission’s recent recommendation to deny a zoning change that would allow one tenant to take as much as 10,000 square feet.

About 24 homeowners turned out to oppose the proposed zoning change, from neighborhood services, which allows up to 3,500 square feet, to community retail. And the plan commission vote unanimously to recommend City Council deny the request “with prejudice,” meaning Stonelake would not be allowed to apply for the zoning change for two years.

Stonelake’s representative, Masterplan Consultants, filed an appeal to change the recommendation to “without prejudice,” meaning the developer could refile the change right away. Santos Martinez of Masterplan sounded less than optimistic about the appeal. He says they filed it a day before the deadline, right after Stonelake hired them.

Neighbors worry that the retail center could become similar to Lower Greenville, with liquor stores, nightclubs and late-night restaurants causing noise, public drunkenness and parking overcrowding.

Dallas City Councilmember Angela Hunt says the commission made the right call.

“The current zoning at this site is appropriate for its location and allows for redevelopment that would be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood,” Hunt says by email. “A more intensive use would negatively impact nearby residents, and a denial with prejudice is the right call here.”

City Council is scheduled to vote on the recommendation Sept. 12.

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