You know it’s a good day when a total stranger shows up at your desk with a huge tray of amazing looking desserts and asks: "Can you tell me where to find [insert your name here]?" That’s what happened about an hour ago when a young man from Two Sisters Catering/Two Sisters To Go came to our offices bearing sugary gifts. Being the web editor, I kind of exist in the ether around here these days, so I never expect good publicity swag anymore. Again, good day.

Still, even though it was a lovely surprise, I wouldn’t be writing about Two Sisters if the desserts hadn’t been amazing. The tray contained 9 different types of confections from Two Sisters’ new pastry chef, Brad (I’m still waiting on his last name). The favorites among Advocate staffers were the coconut lime bars, apple walnut gorgonzola bars and chocolate pumpkin tarts. Among other of his new concoctions: brownie lollipops, peanut butter and jelly bars and spiced apricot bars. Connie Chantilis, one of the company’s nameskes, says he’s currently "classic cookies, balsamic strawberry bars, and cupcakes for unveiling in early 2009."

The company is offering a $5.75 lunch special at it’s two to-go locations — 3111-C Monticello and 2633 Gaston. I’ve been to lunches catered by Two Sisters before, so I can attest that their lunch fare is good, too. And at that price, you really can’t beat it. Just do yourself a favor and pick up something with sugar in it, too.

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