It’s been more than a year since the clock above Dixie House in the Lakewood Shopping Center was taken down during a slew of updates and repairs by Lincoln Property Company, who owns the shopping center.

In August of last year, a couple guys from Legacy National Sign Inc. came out to dismantle it so Lincoln’s construction crews could continue to reface the building. At the time, the guys from Legacy were under the impression the clock was being permanently removed.

When the Lakewood community learned the clock had been taken down, people took to Facebook with an outpouring of concerned comments on Lincoln’s residential/multi-family Facebook page.

Soon after, Lincoln responded via Facebook, saying the clock was “not being removed and that it is currently being repaired.”

And then Lincoln once again went dark.

Lincoln never gave any sort of timeline for when we could expect to see the clock again. More than a year later, we’re still not sure what the status is, and calls to Lincoln Property Co. have gone unanswered.

In that time, we’ve gotten more than a few emails from curious neighbors — is the clock ever going to be replaced?

Looks like the ball is in your court, Lincoln. The clock is ticking. Or rather, it should be by now.

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