Mother-son duo Jason and Terry Cohen, the owners of Curiosities in Lakewood off Abrams, are opening a second location at 8920 Garland across Garland from the Dallas Arboretum, but this location has a very specific bent.

The sign on the front of the building reads “Curious” in the same font as the Curiosities sign in Lakewood, but the location will actually be called Curious Garden because it will be focused on selling garden antiques, garden furniture and other custom garden items.

“It’ll still be antiques, but it will be more focused on antique garden furniture and whatnot,” Jason explains. “People are always looking for that stuff and we sell it basically as fast as we get it in the other location.”

There will be planters, vintage and antique ironwork and fencing, pottery and planters, antique furniture, including old-style metal lawn chairs, and Jason plans to make custom pieces like bottle trees, industrial tables and lighting.

So basically, all the things people already look for at Curiosities, making it a natural extension of what Jason and Terry do now.

“We’ve sort of run out of room,” Jason says. “[Curiosities] is packed. There’s a lot of garden stuff, and so instead of having a lot of people in here looking for it, we thought a new location would make sense.”

IMG_4636It’s a roomy space, and Jason says they hope to open sometime in mid-February.

Jason’s wife, Barbara, will also run her landscaping design and consulting business, Barbara’s Garden, out of the store.

“She has been doing landscaping for several years, and her business has been expanding quite considerably, so it made sense to give her more of a presence in the neighborhood,” Jason explains.

And the location across from the Arboretum near White Rock Lake seemed like a perfect fit.

“I wanted it to be something that would fit and appeal to the people that are living right around there,” he says. “People love gardens around there.”