Nearly 1,000 people in our neighborhood have received a COVID-19 vaccine from the City of Dallas, data shows.

The City of Dallas opened a vaccination site Jan. 28 and began inoculating people in groups 1A and 1B. The City recently started reporting the number of vaccines administered by ZIP code on a new data dashboard. The dashboard shows vaccines administered by the City of Dallas only. It does not show vaccines administered by Dallas County.

The information comes from a survey that people are asked to take after receiving the vaccine at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

Nine hundred and sixty-three vaccines have been given to East Dallas residents as of Feb. 10, the most recent day data is available. Of those, 500 were given to people ages 60-69, 389 were given to people ages 70-79 and 41 were given to people ages 80-89.

The majority of vaccines were administered to the 845 people who identified as white, followed by the 48 people who identified as Black.

One hundred and fifty-three people marked their ethnicity as Hispanic and Latino.

Here’s how many people have received a COVID-19 shot in six East Dallas ZIP codes:

75204: 75

75206: 146

75214: 184

75218: 271

75223: 60

75228: 227

Use the ZIP code map, which is updated at the end of each day, for more information.