The Chick’nCone is the signature item at the restaurant by the same name. Photo courtesy of Chick’nCone via Facebook.

Chicken and waffles is a cherished brunch staple in our city, but it’s often messy. With the butter, syrup or other fixings, a fork and knife are almost always required.

But a new restaurant in Deep Ellum is changing the game, CultureMap reported. Chick’nCone has devised a way to make the dish portable: The waffle is shaped into a cone, and the chicken tenders are stuffed inside, like ice cream scoops in a cone.

The Chick’nCone is the highlight of the menu, and customers can choose to drizzle it in any of the restaurant’s sauces — there’s the classic Cinna-Maple sauce, the best-selling Kick’nRanch, the Peri Peri (a spicy South African chili sauce) and more.

In addition to the chicken and waffles, Chick’nCone sells chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches, plus sides including fries, corn and mac and cheese. Neighbors with a sweet tooth can indulge in a waffle crunch shake for dessert.

Chick’nCone has locations across the country, but the one in Deep Ellum is located at 2659 Main Street.