Woodrow Wilson’s band is “booing” neighbors this month as a fundraiser.

But it’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a treat.

Neighbors who sign up to get “booed” are not asking for insults. They are instead putting themselves on a list to receive 25 pieces of candy attached to sticks throughout their front yards. Along with the candy, the band will deliver a surprise treat bag and a yard sign on Oct. 30.

The $30 to get all of that will support the band. This is the second time they’ve done this fundraiser, and they plan to use the proceeds to purchase supplies and food before football games. They also want to raise enough to buy a band trailer. Right now, they’re renting trailers for every game and UIL competitions, and if they had their own trailer, it would free up some funds so they could purchase music, instrument repairs, props and more.

The band has a goal to “boo” 200 neighbors, which would generate $6,000.

Neighbors have until Oct. 28 to sign up to get “booed.”


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