This mid-century modern house on Capri Court is on the market for $425,000. It was featured in a New York Times real estate blurb, and the Observer picked it up.

Robert Wilonsky asks whether this 2,700-square-foot house with four bedrooms is worth all that money. Of course, things are worth what you can get for them. This house was built in 1959 by architect John Barthel, who lived in it, and the listing calls it a “sculptural piece of art set on a lush green carpet”.

Mid-century modern homes, in my opinion, are so, so cool. Another MCM house on Capri Court was on the White Rock Home Tour two years ago, and I gushed about it for days. But it’s not an architecture style that is widely popular.

About five years ago, I profiled an MCM home in San Antonio that was on the market for about $400,000. It had been built in the case-study style by architect Milton Ryan in the mid-50s. The owner set what he thought was a fair price, but it was also high enough that a developer couldn’t afford to buy it and tear it down in favor of some wannabe Tuscan monstrosity. They guy really wanted to sell that house, I remember, and his frustration with the lack of appreciation for it bordered on anger.

The house on Capri Court is in the Richardson school district, and it’s $100,000 cheaper than this house in San Antonio, listed on eBay (not the same one I wrote about, but similar).

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