You might have spotted one parked in the Sigel’s parking lot on Greenville, lakeside for White Rock’s Centennial celebration, or even driving along Central Expressway.

Food trucks have been able to take to the streets in recent weeks due to changes in city code recently passed city council.

Previous code restricted food trucks to be parked at one location for no longer than an hour, making business difficult for these mobile vendors. Now, trucks no longer face parking time constraints, so long as they have written permission from a parking lot’s owner. Additionally, food trucks are no longer required to submit an itinerary of their stops a month in advance.

The emergence of several new food trucks in response to these changes might help to pave the way for Arcadia Food Park, set to open in Lower Greenville by 2012.

Swallow your skepticism about purchasing your lunch from a kitchen on wheels; the cuisine many food trucks offer is more gourmet than you might imagine. Nammi Food Truck boasts of its Bánh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich. Gandolfo’s Deli Truck serves hot and cold sandwiches, including their popular Ruebens heaped with pastrami. Green House Truck, which has been cruising around the University Park area for more than a year now, offers a healthy, seasonal menu, and their tacos have been Advocate-approved.

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