Anyone who”™se been through a breakup can tell you it’s no fun. But now some women are turning their breakups into bank deposits thanks to a new Web site.
Women who log on to can sell any unwanted gifts from their ex-boyfriends. The concept is a lot like eBay, only there'”™s also a forum where women can blog about their breakups.
A good chunk of the site’s inventory is rings––”“but there'”™s also a "”œgifts that should have been jewelry" section where you can browse high-end handbags.
The site'”™s founder Marie Perry told a Today Show reporter she was inspired to start the site after she broke up with a boyfriend and was left with jewelry that she "never felt right about wearing post breakup."
She had a hunch other women out there felt the same way, and thus the birth of
Hmmm, I wonder if an is in the works yet.

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