Hidden Valley Ranch donated $2,000 to Cane Rosso. (Photo from Facebook.)

If desperate times call for desperate measures, Cane Rosso’s decision to slash prices for a side of ranch dressing paid off big.

On March 19, just two days after the pizza company lifted its long-standing and infamous ranch ban, condiment company Hidden Valley Ranch paid $2,000 for two bottles of its own product.

The donation comes at a time when many restaurants in Dallas are struggling to stay afloat because of regulations that prohibit dine-in service to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As Cane Rosso shifted its business model to delivery, it marked down its side of ranch from $1,000 to $1.

Owner Jay Jerrier still doesn’t understand why ranch and pizza are the perfect pair, but he said on Facebook that the company’s stance on the condiment may be evolving.

The money is considered a donation, and the pizza company, with two locations in East Dallas, plans to use it to deliver pizzas to people who need it.

Jerrier planned to mail two bottles of dressing to Hidden Valley Ranch, but none could be found in the local grocery stores, the Dallas Morning News reported.

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