There isn’t even a sign up in front of Brass Tacks Barbershop, the new barbershop that opened yesterday in Lakewood Shopping Center, but there is a motorcycle leaning against the front wall and several tatted men with pristine mustaches inside already busy clipping away.

And that pretty much says everything you need to know about Brass Tacks.

Owner Brandon White — he has a giant red mustache, you can’t miss him — is bringing Brass Tacks to Lakewood after founding the original shop in Bishop Arts two years ago. He created it to be a barbershop where men (and occasionally women too) can get traditional haircuts and straight-razor shaves from people who “give a crap about men’s haircuts,” White explains.

The other barbers at Brass Tacks have a similar style to White, because he explains they’re just “regular Joes who like good music, want to be their own bosses and take this seriously” — the requirements for working at Brash Tacks, plus having a few tattoos doesn’t hurt your chances.

“I went to barber school in Oklahoma City, and then when I came back to Dallas there was just no shop I wanted to work at,” White explains. “There wasn’t anywhere that made me say, ‘Man, that’s awesome. I can’t wait to work there.’ So I figured I’d make one.”

After a while Brass Tacks started getting a lot of clientele who would drive to Bishop Arts from Lakewood, so he figured an expansion to Lakewood Shopping Center was a logical next step. He found the space the T Shop vacated in August and after a couple months of construction transformed it into a barbershop.

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