Porky 6110 Richmond 1.17.16

Porky has a hard time climbing out of this huge pothole at 6110 Richmond; virtually all of the asphalt has been peeled away down to the cement base level of the street. (Remember that Porky is about the size of an 8.5-by-11 inch sheet of paper.)

And it’s not this single pothole that makes driving Richmond just east of Skillman an adventure: For several blocks, the street is a series of jagged edges, additional potholes and wavy textures.

As always, Porky did his civic duty by reporting this pothole to the City’s 311 online pothole link. Here’s the code the website kicked back so we can keep track of repair progress for this pothole: 16-00064455.

The City’s website says the pothole will be reviewed with three days and repaired within five days after review.

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