Bike lane painted along Richmond Avenue near Skillman Street. Photo by Renee Umsted.

Green bike lanes have been painted along Richmond Avenue in East Dallas.

The lanes are part of the redesign of the road.

Construction began in January on the stretch of the road between Abrams and Matilda.

Neighbors had been asking for traffic-calming measures and bike lanes for years before construction began. Though five options were initially offered and public survey feedback narrowed it down to two, the plan that was selected wasn’t among them. It was a compromise suggested by former District 14 City Council member David Blewett.

The final plan is to have parallel parking on both sides of the street, with a shared lane for bikes and cars and a protected bike lane.

Bike lanes increase drivers’ awareness of bicyclists, both while people are driving and when they are parked on the street.

Another addition was the bump outs, located near intersections.

See more details about the plan here.

Bike lane heading west, painted along Richmond Avenue. Photo by Renee Umsted.