Please help find Wilbur.

Wilbur the gander, who lives by the White Rock Bath house, is a handsome leader of geese with an impressive fan base, his own “friends” group and Facebook page.

Wilbur watchers are worried tonight because Wilbur along with three other geese who live at the lake seem to be missing.

Friend of Wilbur and neighborhood resident Amy Martin says she fears the geese were goose-napped sometime Sunday.

Wilbur’s human friends ask that if you know anything about the waterfowls’ whereabouts, please call 972-890-4429 or email More about Wilbur’s history, from “Friends of Wilbur”, after the jump.

Volunteers have rescued geese and care for them while they live at White Rock Lake.

Wilbur, a white Chinese goose,  is the big gander that heads up a large gaggle of geese at the lake.  He has lived at the lake for many years.  Most of the geese at White Rock Lake have been rescued from poor living conditions.  These geese have been carefully rehabilitated and released at the lake.  Some of the geese and ducks have  been raised in volunteers’ backyards.

Several varieties of geese reside permanently at the lake:   Chinese, African, Toulose, Pilgrim, and Emden.  These are domestic geese and do not migrate.  Most cannot fly easily.

Friends of Wilbur strives to educate children and adults about these delightful waterfowl.  Through nightly public feedings, many adults and even more children have come to appreciate the beautiful waterfowl of the lake.  Children are taught how to feed and treat the birds.  In turn, they are often rewarded by a big goose eating gently from their hand or a goose attempting to carry on a conversation with them.

It is our desire to repay these wonderful birds for the many hours of joy they provide for all of us.

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