The United States Postal Service is preparing  to close the Belmont [Belmont-Greenville] post office, according to a recent letter that cites “decline in mail volume”. The Belmont station, it reads, will consolidate into the Lovers Lane Finance Station, which is 2.26 miles away.

Some East Dallas neighbors are peacefully protesting the move. Resident Patrick Kiker started a Facebook group to get the word out.

Here’s why Kiker (also the owner of the adorable dog treat/supply biz Flying Doggies), says the post office should not close:

“The Belmont is vital to the Lower-Greenville communities.

While the USPS says that the Lovers Post Office is a little over 2 miles away, it’s north of Mockingbird, and folks like me see that as another neighborhood all together.

We have found as small business owners (at Flying Doggies) that the staff is friendly and the lines are much shorter than the other post office north of Greenville (at Lovers).

The location offers more hometown service because it’s smaller. That doesn’t mean it should be closed.

Also important, the retirement community across the street uses this location to mail packages to their friends and family, so closing this will take away one of the liberties (in my opinion), the right to exercise personal control to accomplish their own tasks…”

Join the group if you are interested in keeping the Belmont PO open. We will keep you posted on developments.

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