Photo courtesy of The Travel Channel

Neighborhood resident Daniel Vaughn of the Full Custom Gospel Barbecue blog filmed an episode of “No Reservations” with celebrichef Anthony Bourdain down in Austin earlier this year.

Vaughn brought Bourdain to his favorite smoke joints, Franklin Barbecue and JMueller BBQ. Bourdain also parties with hipster favorites Sleigh Bells in the episode, which was shot during SXSW, as well as Denton’s own Neon Indian. The episode airs at 8 p.m. Monday on the Travel Channel. It is the first episode in Bourdain’s last season with the show.

Here is a clip:

Vaughn sat down for an interview with us a couple of years ago. Check out Turk’s video with Vaughn:

The self-proclaimed BBQ snob also is working on a book about barbecue.

Vuaghn met Bourdain when the chef and author was in Dallas for a speaking engagement. As a big fan of Bourdain’s show, I’m pleased that Vaughn got Bourdain to do another show in Texas. Previously, he did a fascinating episode about the Texas/Mexico border and then one where he drives an RV into Texas from out West. But neither episode was terribly flattering to our state and the food here.

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