Evidently, cat mutilations are a grizzly spring occurrence in Dallas. The Dallas Police Department and the SPCA of Texas report that cat killings have been happening around this time every year since 2009.

The SPCA of Texas announced today it is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person who mutilated and killed a cat in the 6200 block of Revere Place on March 29.

According to a media release, the cat was found “cleanly severed in half”, and a veterinarian later determined the cat had been mutilated by a human, not another animal.

The same vet reported that another client, who lives in the 2200 block of Cedar Springs, had brought in a similarly mutilated cat earlier in the week.

“There is a well-documented link between animal cruelty and human violence.” SPCA president James Bias stated in the release. “Helping … bring these individuals to justice will help stop the cycle of abuse.”

Anyone with information on this case should call the Central Investigative Unit at 214.671.4416. If you see or suspect animal cruelty or abuse otherwise, contact the SPCA at 214.742.7722.

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