I recently went to the SPCA Fur Ball 2012.  I don’t necessarily love animals, but I fully support casino nights.  I did like animals a tiny bit more after this event, but not enough to join PETA or anything. I hold fast to my favorite Anthony Bourdain quote, “If you’re dumber than me, slower than me, and you taste good, pass the salt.”

That leads me to my morning after breakfast. The family and I went to All Good Café, as we have done many times before. And just like I always have, I ordered the chicken fried steak and eggs. I am just not a granola girl. Number one, I am not in prison. Number two, I am not a bird. A multitude of Dallas restaurants claim to have “the best chicken fried steak in Dallas”, so the title doesn’t mean much to me. Especially if it’s self proclaimed. But All Good certainly has it down to an art. It has the perfect amount of crunch and tenderness, with a great gravy to steak ratio. An absolute favorite of mine.

Do you have to wait twenty nine minutes for a table for four on a Sunday?  Yes. Do you have to put toilet paper on a unisex “potty” for your three year old? Yes. Will you still go back again and again and again? Yes.

All Good Café

2934 Main Street

Dallas, TX 75226


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