I once got an e-mail from a former city employee who called me a few names and told me I knew nothing about being a code enforcement inspector and that I should just shut up. This came to mind yesterday with the news that Edward Okpa is back in the mayor’s race, after city officials acknowledged that yes, he really did have enough signatures on his qualifying petition. What got my attention was the quote from Assistant City Secretary Rosa Rios, who said, in essence, that her office was doing the best it that could and everyone would just have to be happy with that.

Which doesn’t address the issue that mistakes were made with certifying Okpa’s petition, and that this was the second time the secretary’s office had done this to him. And we’re supposed to accept an explanation that they’re doing the best they can?

Okpa told Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper that he wonders if his problems have to do with his race or that he is foreign born. No , Mr. Okpa, that’s not the problem at all. Those of us who follow city government know what the problem is, and it’s not that — it’s that the city’s best is just not very good.

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