Heading into work this morning, I ran into a bit of a backup along Gaston near East Grand. I could see the traffic slowed at the White Rock YMCA parking lot and I thought: man, the gym is packed this morning! But I soon realized the commotion was happening next door in the OK Sports Bar/Far West Night Club lot. (OK doubles as Babalu which some of us figured was going to terminate operations after failing to get a dance club permit — wrongly though, they had the Babalu sign up last night).

There is a parking lot full of cars and police manning the parking lot entryway, and there are two radio broadcasting trucks for 107.9 (KESS).

They appeared to be broadcasting from the gas station next door. So I turned my radio dial to 107.9 in an attempt to get the scoop. But because it is an all Spanish station, I couldn’t really figure out what the DJs were saying (I heard something about a "car wash" and an "elephant", I’m sure, but that’s about all) and my bilingual coworker Marlena Chavira-Medford is away on an assignment this morning so I’m outta luck for the time being.

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