Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

1. Forget the Alamo? We might have to if Lakewood shopping center doesn’t solve it’s parking problem.

“Anybody in the neighborhood knows that, even now with the theater shut down, parking over there is not good at all. It’s an issue whether Alamo comes in or whether two or three restaurants come in.”

2. Analysis: The surprising outcome of May’s city council election marks a generational and geographic shift

“A generational change with candidates mirroring the electorate seemed inevitable. What didn’t was an emergence of political strength and activism on the east side of White Rock Lake.”

3. Angela Hunt: The election yields good news and bad news for Dallas’ future

“Maybe voters don’t think it much matters whom they vote for, the machine rolls on. Maybe city issues are too complicated. Or too boring. Maybe the candidates are too boring. I don’t know. But I’m fairly certain it’s not because people are incredibly satisfied with their city government.”

4. White Rock Rowhouse: Renderings of the future ‘floating’ dock

“We don’t know where the project stands in terms of construction timeline but will be talking to Theodore soon about his design. In the meantime, readers can view a sneak peek of the rowhouse design.”

5. Walking to Buzzbrews: A driver’s perspective

“I don’t just mean that you take your life in your hands when walking near Dallas drivers, though that is true; I mean the things that make walking fun, such as beautiful cityscapes and interactivity, don’t really exist here. Exercise and environmental altruism are good motivators, but we have plenty of other ways to achieve such goals.”

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