Zounds Sounds on Garland (photo by Brittany Nunn)

Zounds Sounds on Garland (photo by Brittany Nunn)

We learned about Zounds when they relocated to 8922 Garland in October, directly across the road from the Dallas Arboretum. Although the sign on the building reads “Zounds presents East Dallas music collective,” the Facebook page is for “Zounds Sounds School of Music,” and now we know the reason behind the name inconsistency.

Zounds, which was originally in East Dallas on Haskell, is first and foremost a music school, says owner Marc Soloman, but he says the new location is about more than just music education.

“It’s a space for people to create, and that’s why we call it the East Dallas music collective is because what we’re trying to do is something a little different,” Soloman points out.

“We want to teach music that people want to learn, but we are also into the academia of actually learning the craft. We’re not all about rock ‘n roll daycare. So what we’re trying to do is have a place where people can create their art and work. We want Zounds to be a home for the up and comers, and then we also have a bunch of bands that are rehearsing there, and we have a recording studio.”

It’s not an exceptionally large space because Soloman and his partners want it to be an intimate experience for the folks using it. They’ll even host some small-scale concerts there, but mostly it’s a place to hang out and jam.

“Of course Zounds Sounds will be there and we’ll be teaching our lessons there because that’s what we do,” Soloman says, “but we’re trying to do more in terms of reaching out to the community. We want to keep it as inexpensive as possible and have the equipment that people need.”

Learn more on the Facebook page.

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