Marj Rash. Photo by Can Türkyilmaz

The building at 6039 Oram St. will soon be empty when Yoga Mart moves out at the end of this month.

According to Marj Rash, the owner of Yoga Mart, the new building owner decided not to renew the lease for the business due to plans to rent the the building as one space. Rash says the laundromat that previously shared the building with her also closed its doors in May because of the new owner’s plans.

The Bangkok Inn restaurant, which sits to the west of Yoga Mart, will not be affected as the building it’s in is owned by the restaurant owners. A rep from Redenta’s Garden, which sits to the east, on the corner of Oram and Skillman, says the laundromat and Yoga Mart moves have not affected Redenta’s business.

As for Yoga Mart, the business will be open until Dec. 24 and reopen in a larger space at 2201 Tuckert St., Suite 101 sometime in January.

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