It’s no secret that children are the key to our future. And the conservation of our environment is in their hands. Kids who are reared in a household which teaches and practices the three R’s – reduction, reusing and recycling – will undoubtedly carry these habits throughout their lives.

Keep Texas Beautiful, Inc. is an organization dedicated to increasing public awareness about the environment and our part in its preservation. Realizing the importance of educating children ecologically, the Keep Texas Beautiful Kids Environment Education Conference was held in Austin last month.

Only 12 programs were chosen statewide for this conference, and one of these was created by and East Dallas resident, Seaon Ducote, an artist, writer, and teacher. Her program is called Art Sweep, and it gives students an insight to the “art” of recycling.

Some of the issues covered during Art Sweep include product ideas and manufacturing, packaging and over-packaging, consumption and waste, and environmental problems and solutions.

Art Sweep take children in grades one through 12 and turns them into recycling artists, aware and ready to tackle the world’s environmental predicament.

During the 14- to 18-week program, kids learn about the earth’s problems and what they can do about them, and also learn how to make and sell items from recycled materials.

The weekly classes include field trips, guest speakers, and lots of hands-on projects. An Environmental Fair, held during the last week of the Art Sweep program, features student demonstrations, entertainment and the sale of the children’s “trash into treasure” items.

Ducote has a background in teaching fine arts, advertising, and promotion. Art Sweep is an environmental educational package presented in a fun, hands-on manner. Although the focus on paper, other areas of recyclables are covered. Assistance for school paper-recycling programs is also offered.

If you’re looking for a children’s project for your organization or school. Check out Art Sweep. Contact Ducote at P.O. Box 140633, Dallas 75214.

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