Photo courtesy of Woodrow Wilson High School on Facebook

Back to the Future Part III” turns 30 this year, so while you’re stuck inside avoiding the coronavirus, dig out those old films and watch some Woodrow Wilson High School alums on the screen.

Actor Burton Gilliam, class of 1956, and ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill, class of 1967, appear in the third installment, in which Marty McFly travels back 100 years to the Old West to save his friend, Doc Brown.

Gilliam, who starred in many Westerns, including “Blazing Saddles,” portrayed Elmer Johnson, a Colt Peacemaker salesman who was so impressed with McFly’s shooting abilities that he gave him a gun and belt free of charge.

Hill and ZZ top appear as members of a band playing at a dance. In an interview with UCR, Hill said the band was asked to write a song, “Doubleback,” for the film. One night, they showed up on set, and Hill convinced the director to let them be in the movie.

“I kept saying, ‘You know, it looks like we belong in this movie! I mean, you don’t hardly even need to use makeup on us,'” Hill told UCR.