Two weeks ago, Rachel Davis went to her local 7-Eleven when a man asked her for money. She had seen him before and had given him cash in the past, but this time she told him no.At that point, the man went completely berserk, according to Davis’ fiancé Dan Locke. He lives just blocks away and has gone to this 7-Eleven at Abrams and Lontos near Northwest Highway since he was 9.

The man is described as being caucasian, thin and in his 20s with long dirty blonde hair, reportedly yelled and screamed, then threw his money at her as she got in her car, asking her if she now had enough money to take him on a date. Davis called Locke, who told her to call the police. Later, her phone accidentally called Locke back, and he listened in shock as he listened to the man attempt to reach into her car to open the door.

Eventually Davis got the man away and the police came, but the man was already gone. Locke, who used to be a patrolman himself, said the police are familiar with the man.

Locke reportedly ran into him a week later at the convenience store and spoke with him, telling him not to treat Davis that way.

Then on Wednesday, as Davis visited the store again, the man was there. He reportedly asked her for money, and she forcefully told him to back off. He followed her again and  kept telling her to close her eyes. She didn’t listen and continued to ward him off.

The couple installed a dash cam in her car to record any future encounters.

Locke says the man appears to be on drugs some days, while others he is lucid and polite.

After the second incident, Locke says 7-Eleven told him they would call the police, but there is no record of any calls from that location that match the incident, according to the Dallas Police Department. Davis now avoids the store, but Locke is worried that another encounter might end poorly.

“Eventually he is going to go off on the wrong person,” Locke says.