There weren’t just changes in the results of the fourth annual Advocate Community Newspapers Readers’ Taste Awards – there was a revolution.

Gone are such old faithfuls and perpetual top-finishers as Matt’s Rancho Martinez, Snuffer’s, Sweet Temptations, Thai Soon, and Angelo’s. Sweet Temptations, for instance, has been named Favorite Restaurant for three years in a row; this year, it didn’t even earn a runner-up status. Thai Soon has won the Asian award every year there has been an Asian category, and Snuffer’s has always won the top hamburger honor – until this year.

Even more interestingly, they weren’t usually replaced on the list by new restaurants, but by the competition from years past. One new place made its mark, though: La Dolce Vita, which was selected as our readers’ favorite restaurant.

In fact, this was one of the most intriguing years ever, best explained by one reader: “I didn’t know who to vote for this year,” he wrote. “All of our favorite restaurants are gone.”

Consider that 18 restaurants received votes in the Mexican category, 16 earned mention in the hamburger and elegant groups, 27 were named in the inexpensive class, and the readers selected 28 different places in the favorite section.

Here are the winners:


Winner: Bobo China, 10630 Church, 349-2600

Runners-up: Szechwan Pavilion, 1152 N. Buckner, 321-7599; Snow Pea, 2007 Abrams, 824-4354

1994 winner: Szechwan Pavilion


Winner: Bangkok Inn, 6033 Oram, 821-8979

Runners-up: Kalchandiji’s, 5430 Gurley, 821-1048; Bangkok City, 4301 Bryan, 824-6200

1994 winner: Thai Soon, 2018 Greenville, 821-7666


Winner: Terilli’s, 2815 Greenville, 827-3993

Runners-up: Angelo’s Spaghetti House, 6341 La Vista, 823-5566; Prego Pasta, 4930 Greenville, 363-9204

1994 winner: Angelo’s


Winner: Martin’s Cocina, 7726 Ferguson, 319-8834

Runners-up: Kokopelli, 9090 Skillman, 503-0242; ZuZu’s, 4140 Abrams, 828-2231

1994 winner: ZuZu’s


Winner: Luby’s, 12230 Forestgate, 480-9599

Runners-up: Highland Park Cafeteria, 1200 N. Buckner, 327-3663

1994 winner: Highland Park Cafeteria

Club or pub

Winner: Tipperary Inn, 5815 Live Oak, 823-7167

Runners-up: Lakewood Bar & Grill, 6340 Gaston, 826-3888; Yegua Creek Brewing Co., 2920 N. Henderson, 824-2739

1994 winner: Yegua Creek

Dining with kids

Winner: EZ’s, 3519 Greenville, 823-9100

Runners-up: Dixie Lakewood, 6400 Gaston, 826-2412; McDonald’s, 5960 Greenville, 369-6256

1994 winner: EZ’s

Fast food

Winner: ZuZu’s, 4140 Abrams, 828-2231

Runners-up: McDonald’s, 5960 Greenville, 369-6256; Taco Bell, 5502 E. Mockingbird, 821-5751

1994 winner: Jack in the Box, 6308 Gaston, 823-3881


Winner: Jake’s, 6606 Skillman, 349-1422

Runners-up: Snuffer’s, 3526 Greenville, 826-6850; Joe Willy’s, 7033 Greenville, 691-8930

1994 winner: Snuffer’s


Winner: St. Martin’s, 3020 Greenville, 826-0940

Runners-up: The Grape, 2808 Greenville, 828-1981; Gershwin’s, 8442 Walnut Hill, 373-7171

1994 winner: The Grape


Winner: ZuZu’s, 4140 Abrams, 828-2231

Runners-up: Barbec’s, 8949 Garland Road, 321-5597; CiCi’s, 6516 E. Northwest Highway, 739-2424

1994 winner: Barbec’s


Winner: Campisi’s, 5610 E. Mockingbird, 827-0355

Runners-up: Sali’s, 1002 Garland Road, 321-2700; Spasso Pizza & Pasta Co., 3711 Greenville, 828-2240

1994 winner: Campisi’s


Winner: La Dolce Vita, 1924 Abrams, 821-6208

Runners-up: Natchez, 2810 Henderson, 821-4552; Martin’s Cocina, 7726 Ferguson, 319-8834

1994 winner: Sweet Temptations, 9090 Skillman, 503-6007

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