Photo by Danny Fulgencio.

We just received updates on White Rock Lake regarding tree trimming, trail construction and the maintenance plan.

Tree trimming

Vegetation management in the form of tree trimming is ongoing as part of Oncor’s reliability and safety project.

In the last update, we told neighbors that work in the East Zacha area had been paused to protect nearby wildlife. Trimming has not resumed there, and Oncor said it will work with its environmental department and the City of Dallas to reschedule the planned work.

Oncor isn’t the only organization that takes on this kind of work; other entities, including the City of Dallas, may perform vegetation management.

Through March 4, crews from Wright Tree Service, which was hired to do the work, will be in the following streets: Carrousel Circle, Bob O Link Drive, Lyre Lane, Santa Barbara Drive, Charade Drive, Dominique Drive, Fisher Road, Greentree Lane, W. Circle Drive, Twin Tree Lane, Greenbrook Lane, E. Mockingbird Lane, Brookcove Lane, Hillgreen Drive, Dalewood Lane, Westbrook Lane and Middlebury Drive.

Work scheduled Feb. 28-March 4. Photo courtesy of Oncor.

Questions about this project can be directed to contactcenter@oncor.com, or call 888-313-6862. Follow the progress of the project here.

Trail construction 

Improvements to the White Rock Lake Trail along E. Lawther Drive are still ongoing. Crews are working near Tiffany Way now, and after getting approval that the work wouldn’t disturb the eagles, trees are slated for removal in that area.

Two trees are planned to be removed March 4.

Trees near Tiffany Way slated for removal. Photo courtesy of City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Click here to see a map of precise locations of these trees.

Maintenance plan 

The City of Dallas released the White Rock Lake Park Operations and Maintenance Plan, which is intended to “serve as a comprehensive guideline for the maintenance and operation of White Rock Lake Park that is consistent with prior planning efforts, maintains the health, safety and welfare of the public, preserves the environment, facilitates recreational use, incorporates best practices and allows for efficient maintenance operations.

Maintenance plans for the lake have been created in the past, and they should be reviewed. Moving forward, maintenance operations should incorporate what has already been drafted while “continually adopting new industry best practices that suit department objectives.”

The plan outlines guidelines for maintaining the natural environment and features around the lake as well as human-made elements, such as roads, signage and playgrounds.

Click here to read the plan.

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