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Two White Rock youth rowing teams, Dallas United Crew and White Rock Rowing, traveled to Oklahoma City to compete in the U.S. Rowing Central Championship.

This year’s competition, scheduled for May 7-8, included over 24 clubs from Colorado, Kansas, Utah, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, all vying for a spot in the national championship in June. 

Usually, the event takes place over two days. The first day is time trials, and the next is the finals. However, because of the windy weather, the Sunday races were canceled. This meant that the Saturday races determined the qualifiers for the national competition.  

Months of preparation and practice paid off for the athletes, who recently participated in a state rowing competition held at White Rock Lake. Here’s how each club did: 

Dallas United Crew:

Men’s Youth 8+

  • Gold: Jack Martin, Luke Blankenship, Daniel Sneed, Logan Betts, Peyton Lewis, Samuel Tharp, Archer Smith, Jack Halverson

Men’s Youth 2nd 8+ 

  • Silver: Joshua Lando, Clark Hobbs, Coleman Hayes, Jack Puorro, John Craycroft, John Haney, Cole Farley, Matthew Slear 

Men’s Youth U17 8+ 

  • Gold: Jacob Ronk, Aidan Morris, John Bunge, Raul Gupta, Mauro Quiroga, Owen Frazer, Aiden Relyea, Jackson Davis

Men’s Youth U16 8+ 

  • Gold: Yiyoung Liu, Elijah Lando, Luke Bodwell, David Guo, Ian Rigg, Elijah Kraus, Louis Hixon, Theodore Statiras, Tyler Koo 

Women’s Youth 8+ 

  • Gold: Olivia Till, Zeynep Akdora, Caroline Payseur, Ava Stewart, Abigail Fowler, Sierra Ross, Nora Thompson, Ellie Rodriguez, Lucy Roberts

Women’s Youth U17 8+

  • Silver: Juliana Stimac, Emma Lopez, Victoria Bell, Olivia Knight, Lauren O’Grady, Zoe Greene, Narita Stout, Paisley Rodriguez, Claire Dwelle 

Womens Youth Novice 8+ 

  • Bronze: Brooke Cohen, Elle Noonan, Morgan Field, Hannah Birdwell, Claire Sneed, Ellis Conley, Lente Van Der Westhuizen, Mary Brady 

Women’s Youth 4+ 

  • Gold: Olivia Till, Sierra Ross, Abigail Fowler, Ellie Rodriguez, Alaina Ruggiero

Women’s Youth 2v4+ 

  • Bronze: Blythe Burns, Ellis Conley, Giselle Kam-Castro, Sofia Sethuraman 

Women’s Youth U17 4+ 

  • Silver: Narita Stout, Zoe Greene, Lauren O’Grady, Paisley Rodriguez

Women’s Youth U15 4X+ 

  • Gold: Mimi Tafel, Ella Bates, Julia Blewett, Caroline Lober, Kayla Quiroga

Men’s Youth U15 4X+

  • Silver: Declan McDaniel, Bryan Pletcher, Nathan Fetahi, Rajan Portteus, Leo Schnabel

Men’s Novice 8+ 

  • Bronze: Alex Wang, Aidan Morris, Marcus Kim, John Martin, Ty Koran, Raul Gupta, Aiden Relyea, John Bunge 

Men’s U17 4+ 

  • Gold: Jackson Davis, Jack Martin, Luke Blankenship, Matthew Slear 

White Rock Rowing: 

Men’s Youth 2V 8+

  • Gold: Aiden DeKock, Aiden Munsterman, Mateo Calderon, Walker Sears, Harrison Sears, Paul Bagley, Peter Ellis-Mani, Kellen Zellmer, John Jungerman

Women’s U16 8+

  • Gold: Emmaline Pampel, Emerson Donahue, Kenna Rosenthal, Charlotte Bohannon, Violet Libson, Addison Holmes, Josie Airitam, Leah Jones, Cordelia Bowden

Women’s U17 4+

  • Gold: Alexandra Jungerman, Amber Szczepkowski, Addison Holmes, Jillian Gay, Miranda Moyse

Women’s Youth 4-

  • Gold: Evelyn Fox, Isabella Cooper, Zoe Cramer, Katherine Adams

Women’s Novice 4+

  • Gold: Alex Jungerman, Emerson Donahue, Kenna Rosenthal, Charlote Bohannon, Violet Libson

Men’s Youth 8+

  • Silver: Paris West, Benjamin Winslow, Humberto Gallego, Luke McCavit, Daniel O’Loughlin, John Howard, William Kennedy, Nicolas Lavandera, Joseph Moler

Men’s Youth 4-

  • Silver: Benjamin Winslow, Daniel O’Loughlin, Nicolas Lavandera, Humberto Gallego

Women’s U15 4x+

  • Silver: Elyse Lau, Stirling Moyse, London Ezell, Sidney Bailey, Kaelina Nolen

Men’s U17 8+

  • Bronze: Anjali Pamurthy, William Seifert, Luca D’Orso, Hugo Cortez, Jett Fenlaw, Surya Jalapati, Lucas Cooper, Juan Huerta, Kian McLaughlin

Women’s Youth 4+

  • Bronze: Chloe Moore, Kelsey Weaver, Emma Shay-Tannas, Linnea Roberts, Hathaway Espaillat

Women’s Youth 8+

  • Bronze: Sophia Lau, Evelyn Fox, Isabella Cooper, Katherine Adams, Zoe Cramer, Kelsey Weaver, Renee Powell, Linnea Roberts, Emma Shay-Tannas