Stock photo of art exhibition by Markus Spike for Unsplash.

This month, Dallas’ five cultural centers — Bath House Cultural Center, Latino Cultural Center, Moody Performance Hall, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, and South Dallas Cultural Center — have been hosting their respective parts of a multi-venue visual arts project that showcases work from Dallas-area artists.

It was decided in 2013 that April in Dallas would be Arts Month, and this impressively organized effort by the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture offers tangible evidence that Dallas Arts Month is alive and strong — former Mayor Mike Rawlings would be pleased. 

While the Latino Center wrapped up shows last weekend, there is still time for patrons of the Bath House, Oak Cliff Cultural Center and the South Dallas Cultural Center to take in much of the work selected by curator Daisha Board.  There are a few days of performances and exhibits remaining at Moody in the Downtown Arts District (through May 1).

In the case of Bath House, the exhibit runs through the last day of April. (Viewing Hours are Tuesday-Saturday from noon to 6. Open until 10 on nights with theater performances.) The address is 521 E. Lawther. 

In Oak Cliff, the exhibit just began and runs through May 21. Tuesdays-Saturdays noon to 6. The address is 223 W. Jefferson. 

At the South Dallas center, you can visit Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. all the way through May 28 — at 3400 S. Fitzhugh.

The City last winter put out a call for artists’ submissions, and (based on what we’ve seen so far) organizers received a windfall of lovely, creative, innovative and diverse materials.

“Through this exhibition, OAC hopes to discover and develop relationships with new artists, provide opportunities for artists to exhibit their work for the first time in one of our cultural centers or for the first time ever, and give artists who have previously exhibited at one cultural center an opportunity to show their work at a different center,” organizers say in an announcement.

The office also aims to attract newcomers who are curious about, but have yet to experience, our local arts scene.

“This collaborative project will also draw in audiences who have never been to (or even heard of) our cultural centers, resulting in a cross pollination of audiences who frequent a specific center but have never experienced the others,” the OAC adds.

Artists displayed at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake include:

Chibuzo E. Amajor, Ruda Anderson, Henry Aschner, Sue Baadsgaard, Elizabeth Bentley, Jasna Boudard, Jim Brightwell, Tyra Burks, Eliana Campbell, Amaris Castillo, Ray-Mel Cornelius, Ron Taylor Crouch, Cecelia Feld, Abel Garcia, Jay Gardner, Nick Glenn, James Helms, Christian Ita, Duane Johnson, Brock Kingsley, Solomon Mahlatini, Sabeen Mansoori, Roberta Masciarelli, Ann Mccann, Brenda Mckinney, Julia McLain, Lin Medlin, Martina Noble, Ken O’Toole, Reyna Ramirez, John Reed, Maria Ruenes, Janie Stidham, Shayna Sutton, Claire Terrell, Marin Tisdale, William Toliver, Michelle Torres, Kameron Walker, Kat Warwick, Jomerra Watson, Daniel Williams, David Witherspoon, Kyle Wood and Donna Zarbin Byrne.

Artists displayed at Oak Cliff Cultural Center include:

Armando Aguirre, Samar Ahmed, Amaris Castillo, Justin Clumpner, Hannah M. Cottingham, Ron Taylor Crouch, AnaDuncan-Guzman, Amy Camille Fruit-Dobson, Gina Garza, Ann Huey, Alexandra Hulsey, Della Isaacson, John Koch, NiniLes, Benjamin Loftis, Jas Mardis, Goran Maric, Max Marshall, Romulo Martinez, Roberta Masciarelli, Adriane McCray, Julia McLain, Janak Narayan, Bob Nunn, Tippi Polo, Joy Reyes, Philip Samson, Mack Spence, Donald Thomas II, Nii Narku Thompson, Ortix Viktor, Becky Wilkes, David Witherspoon, Raymond Yeboah and Gordon Young.

Artists at South Dallas Cultural Center are:

Susan Annand, Cristina Ayala, Jessica Baldivieso, Ed Barr, Grace Bell, Kelly Berry, Rebecca Reagan Boatman, JimBrightwell, Samantha Buller, Michelle Cesar-Elwazir, Janae Corrado, Aliyah Cydonia, Monica Daucourt, Gail Delger, JanDreskin-Haig, Jordan Duell, Chelsea Emuakhagbon, Johnathon Foster, Nicholas E. Gully, Shahrzad Hamzeh, DeniseHolguin, Bill Holmberg, Brock Kingsley, Jeffrey Lee, Alexandra Little, Benjamin Loftis, Tara Lyon, Jas Mardis, GinnyMarsh, Michael Mckenzie, Lin Medlin, Cher Musico, Anakha Nair, Gordon Nanc, Martina Noble, Jill Nonnemacher, BobNunn, Elaine Pawlowicz, Cai Rebecca, Kathy Robinson-Hays, Serina Rodriguez, Jeff Rogalski, Maria Ruenes, LeenaSaleh, Martheya Scott, Ashley Shan, Amani Sodiq-Odunaiya, Shayna Sutton, Claire Terrell, Sarah Theurer Hunt, Nii Narku Thompson, Jesus Cristo Trujillo, Michael Van, Jose Vargas, VET , Robert Weiss, Sarita Westrup, Vance Wingate and Barron Wortham.

At Moody, artists included:

Armando Aguirre, Paul Armstrong, Michael Carter, Bharathi Dev, Daniel Gunn, Mary Hannigan, Brandon Harris, Justin O’Keith Higgs, Assandre Jean-Baptiste, Erok Johanssen, Edith Juanah, Shoka Kamaria-Ford, Sudeep Kumar, Solomon Mahlatini, Romulo Martinez, Gabriel Moreno, Anakha Nair, Cindy Nguyen, Hanna Robles, Robert Weiss, Gordon Young and David Zvanut.

The full list of selected artists is available here.

Follow OCCC on Instagram for regular glimpses at the artists, their work and artists’ statements.

For example, here’s Nii Thompson’s Sister’s Love, acrylic and thread on canvas.

Courtesy Oak Cliff Cultural Center

The Jurors for the 2022 ART214 exhibition are Marilyn Waligore, Raul Rodriguez, Narong Tintamusik, Gerald L. Leavell II, and David McCullough.

Daisha Board was the Curator for the exhibitions for each of the participating art venues.

More about the program and events here.

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