A few days ago I got an oh-my-how-time-flies shocker when I heard it was the 10th anniversary of the release of the movie Titanic. I took a nostalgic mind trip back to the day I saw the movie for the first time, in a very crowded Casa Linda Theater. Yes, I believe that may have been the last movie I ever saw there.

Speaking of how time flies — I think it was almost a whole year ago when I started calling and/or e-mailing Clay Evans of SC Companies (who owns the theater now) on about a bi-monthly basis for progress reports regarding the space. A year ago, he told me they were “talking to potential lessees but hadn’t nailed anything down.”

Today, and every time in between, he told me approximately the same thing. He said to feel free to call him anytime for an update and I said I would. Maybe I’ll step it up—start calling once a month. Believe it or not —Casa Linda Theater closed just a year after Titanic came out.

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