Just got off the phone with Bruce Sherbet, who oversees elections for Dallas County, and he said he expects a 10 percent turnout for the Trinity referendum. "I just don’t think the masses are fired up for this issue," he says.

The city of Dallas has about 525,000 registered voters, which means we probably won’t see more than 53,000 people vote. In fact, says Sherbet, turnout could be even smaller — as little as eight percent, or 42,000 people. His top estimate? 12 percent, or 63,000 voters.

These numbers are in line with similar off-year elections in the past, he says. "It’s not like the strong mayor issue, which cut across all sectors of the city," Sherbet told me. "This election doesn’t seem to be doing that."

Turnout in the May and November 2005 strong mayor elections was about 17 percent.

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