• Quiznos might be closed in Hillside. They have a sign out front saying they will re-open in a few days, but the sign has been up for a while. I checked the city’s restaurant scores to see if the closing was health related, but they are not shown as rated by the city. Never really cared for Quiznos. I would much rather drive an extra few miles to Jersey Mikes on Greenville…..
  • My wife went to Toys R Us on Saturday. She bought numerous items and was asked if she wanted a "protection plan" on EACH item after if was scanned. This included a few board games and some legos. They actually asked if she wanted a "protection plan" on the board game "Operation". The board game sells for about $10. Wow.
  • We had a friend shop at Kohl’s at 4am on Black Friday. It was packed and the line was out the door and around the building. After they picked up the items they were waiting for they went to get into the checkout line. Kohls had an employee going down the line informing everyone of the expected wait for  checkout. Their wait? 2 plus hours. Did they wait? Not a chance.
  • The same attackers who robbed and beat up a Lake Highlands area teacher, are suspected of robbing a woman at a local store at Mockingbird and Abrams. Be careful.

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