Photo courtesy of Bill Densmore via Pioneers of Dallas County

Imagine the morning traffic congestion on Glasgow Drive in the pre-coronavirus days as hectic students and parents battled for the best parking spots and tried to arrive before the first bell. Now imagine that scene on an unpaved street, muddy and uneven from weather and construction.

That was the reality when construction finished on Woodrow Wilson High School in 1928. In the summer of that year, prior to the school’s opening, Glasgow Drive wasn’t paved.

This photo, posted by Bill Densmore on the Pioneers of Dallas County Facebook page, shows a car bogged down in mud on Glasgow Drive in front of the school. The driver is seen attempting to push his vehicle free, but it looks like he had a long way to go before he hit smooth pavement.

The newly formed Woodrow Wilson parent-teacher association petitioned the City of Dallas to pave the street. It’s not known if paving was complete before the school opened to students in September 1928.

Good thing they probably had fewer cars than today’s students.