Post by Afton Guedea, Advocate intern and Lakehill Preparatory senior. 

East Dallas neighbors Bob Sinnott and Joel Roldan are the founders of Toasted Coffee + Kitchen.

East Dallas neighbors Bob Sinnott and Joel Roldan are the founders of Toasted Coffee + Kitchen.

Lakewood is getting toasty this summer, and thankfully I’m not talking about the temperature. Seasoned restaurant pros and neighbors Bob Sinnott and Joel Roldan have big plans to open the first gourmet toast shop in Dallas, Toasted Coffee + Kitchen, this July on Lower Greenville.

The two partners met through the restaurant industry, when Roldan was interviewing for a job with Sinnott. Recognizing his diverse set of skills, the two kept in touch and when Roldan approached Sinnott with this quickly growing trend, Sinnott jumped at the chance, replying with “Let’s do it. I think we have a great idea and that our skills match up well.”

Guessing that many of you are questioning “Why toast?” right now — don’t feel that you’re the only one. The trend of gourmet toast shops is quickly spreading around the country, popping up in San Francisco, spreading throughout the Golden State and recently arriving in New York. “Why not bring it to Dallas?” Roldan says. “It’s not new; it’s a fundamental American tradition. We’re just making it better than Wonderbread.”

The menu will feature “simple toast” paired with cream cheeses and conventional toppings, open-faced toast with savory and sweet options and sandwiches topped with the more gourmet style accouterments, as well as coffee and cocktails.

In addition to the unconventional toast toppings, Toast Coffee + Kitchen will produce all of its bread in-house so that customers can watch it being kneaded and baked as they wait for their own orders. Freshly baked loves of bread will be sold on site as well.

The restaurant is set to open its doors sometime this July, and is located on lower Greenville at the Ross intersection. “It’s the gateway to downtown,” Sinnott notes.

With the opening of the restaurant will come a fun, laid-back atmosphere in Lakewood, accommodating relaxed gatherings in the wifi-free downstairs for those who choose conversation over cellphones, as well as study groups and students on the wifi-available upstairs.

The restaurant will bring about 22 new jobs to the neighborhood, having already hired their top positions such as the all-important bakers. Those in need of a job can look out for job postings for other open positions at the beginning of July.

As longtime East Dallas residents, they are confident that they “really know this neighborhood and what it needs,” Sinnott says.

I am already looking forward to the many combinations of toast that await me.

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