I’m having a difficult time keeping up with all of the Trinity developments, seeing as how there has been important news almost daily for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, for example, councilman Mitch Rasansky, whose support for the toll road played a crucial role in winning the November 2007 referendum, said it may not be such a good idea after all. He was talking about the project costing another $1 billion.

And then there was this, which the engineers in the audience might be able to explain: "Sand in the soil near the Trinity River levees could greatly complicate Dallas’ efforts to bring the levees up to standard after they received a failing grade from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers." No one knew there was sand there 18 months ago?

At times like these, we can all feel a little overwhelmed. What better than a little poetry to help us reflect on all of these difficulties? So, with apologies to real poets, the ancient Japanese art of haiku, and my seventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Kramsky, who told me that my poetry read like something on a greeting card, a haiku about the Trinity — and a video from breathoflifefamily at YouTube to set the proper mood. All is after the jump:

Trinity highway
With levees in disrepair
Council is aghast


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