The Advocate’s Preston Hollow editor Emily Toman recently reported that the gift shop Talula, located at Preston-Royal, was closing. Despite some swirling rumors, Talula is not related to Lakewood’s longstanding Talulah Belle. Talulah Belle store manager Shyde Wood says customers have been calling the Lakewood store voicing concern about the closing. “There’s been a lot of confusion since Talula announced it was going out of business; people think we are closing.”

He wants everyone to know that the Talulah Belle in Lakewood Shopping Center, at the northwest corner of Abrams and Gaston, is alive and well. “There has been confusion for some time because of the name. We’ve even gotten some of their mail in the past,” Wood says, adding that Lakewood’s Talulah Belle was around before the Preston Hollow Talulah opened.

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