Stanley Schere built his first model train at 15. (Photo by Can Türkyilmaz)

This Thanksgiving, neighbor Stanley Schere is opening up his home to neighbors who would like to see his intricate trainscape. By the time you start roasting the turkey, Schere will have over 1,000 feet of track set up in his back yard, complete with handmade buildings, train engines and cars.

The tracks are 2 feet off the ground, and the numerous engines and cars have handcrafted details that will impress even the train skeptics. These are not your average electric trains, with each individual car measuring around 20 inches long and 7 inches high. The landscape will include a town with houses, apartment buildings, industrial buildings and of course a large train station.

Schere says that he will set up the trains on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and will be around much of the rest of the weekend to show guests around. So if Cowboys football and tryptophan aren’t your idea of a perfect holiday with the family, drop by and see some craftsmanship in the neighborhood.

Scheme lives at 2319 Tealford Drive near Casa View. Read the 2012 Advocate story about Schere’s trains here.