“Is this where you take us to kill us?” —Dustin Marshall

“What if this were a cool club? Oak Lawn has The Library; Lakewood could have The Vault.” —Suzanne Smith

“This is intimidating. There are three of you and one of me, so …” —Carlos Marroquin

“Where’s the fern?” Mita Havlick

These comments came from the candidates running for the District 2 seat on the Dallas ISD school board as they entered our studio — an erstwhile bank vault in the basement of Lakewood Towers on Gaston at Abrams. The fern (for those of you who remember our last video series) didn’t survive the previous election season so we traded fragile flora for indestructible metal this time around.

“How do you get people interested in Dallas school board elections? I have no clue,” says Advocate photography editor Danny Fulgencio, who captured the image above and created the creepy intro to our Q&A sessions. He showed it to his 4-year-old, who “did not approve.”

If our artistic efforts don’t whet your appetite, perhaps these questions will: What school do candidates think is the best-kept secret in the district? What items would they choose from the Dallas ISD school lunch menu? And did they kiss their prom dates?

Learn all this and more from our 2016 election video series, “Into the vault,” and visit our 2016 election page to stay up to date on the latest news leading up to May 7.

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